House rules

Do's en don'ts.

It goes without saying that we expect our guests to behave decently in and around our coffeeshop. You are very welcome, but make sure you are aware of our house rules before entering!


  • Being 18 years or older when you enter.
  • Having ID on you and showing it when being asked.
  • Making contact with one of our barkeepers before entering a smoking room.
  • Following instructions given by our staff at all times.
  • Being friendly and polite.
  • Smoking tobacco in smoking rooms only.

If by car:

  • Parking and stopping where allowed only.
  • Turning off your engine and lowering your radio's volume while waiting.
  • Making use of parking garage De Grifthoek or parking area Het Griftpark.

Don'ts & sanctions

  1. Entering when not being 18 years or older.
  2. Not identifying yourself when being asked.
  3. Having drunk alcohol noticeably.
  4. Bringing dogs.

    Denial of access.

  5. Parking your car or stopping where not allowed.
  6. Leaving on your car's engine or playing loud music while waiting.
  7. Parking your bike across the street and/or at our neighbors.

    No sale, warning and if no improvement; temporary or permanent denial of access.

  8. Buying softdrugs for someone below 18 years of age.

    Denial of access for 3 months.

  9. Consuming other products than our own.
  10. Making telephone calls inside or going outside for calls often.
  11. Wearing sunglasses or hoodies inside.
  12. Gambling or (card) games for money.
  13. Parking bicycles at our neighbors.
  14. Smoking near the homes of our neighbors.
  15. Causing inconvenience to our neighbors in any way.

    Warning and if no improvement; temporary or permanent denial of access.

  16. Indecent or objectionable behavior, like:
    Aggression and/or threats.
    Racism and/or discrimination.

    Permanent denial of access.

  17. Trafficking in or around our coffeeshop.
  18. Having harddrugs on you.
  19. Having weapons on you.

    Reporting to the police and permanent denial of access.