Culture Boat

Coffeeshop Utrecht

EST. 1986

Welcome on the boat.

Want to relax and “blow off some steam” on our antique ship (1905) and enjoy a nice cup of organic coffee or an organic non-alcoholic drink? Do come in!

For over 30 years a broad audience from Utrecht and the rest of the world has enjoyed our open hearted living room atomosphere at a truly unique location right on the edge of city center.

We gladly take the time to inform you of our products.

We strongly value our open and cozy living room atmosphere. In an interaction between our well-educated budtenders and our guests we are doing everything in our power to maintain that vibe. At the same time we firmly enforce our house rules and Dutch coffeeshop regulations.

It goes without saying that we expect our guests to behave decently in and around our coffeeshop. You are very welcome, but make sure you are aware of our house rules before entering. Park your car only where permitted, turn off your engine and lower your radio's volume. Do not wait in a no stopping area.

- Culture Boat

Opening hours

12:00 - 23:00
Open on holidays!